Jiaheng Wang


Room 5.34, Informatics Forum, 10 Crichton Street,
Edinburgh, EH8 9AB, Scotland, UK
Email: pw384 # hotmail # com OR jiaheng.wang # ed # ac # uk
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About Me

I am a third-year PhD student at the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh. It is an honour for me to be supervised by Heng Guo. Prior to that, I obtained Bachelor of Science (summa cum laude) at Peking University, majoring in computer science, and was a member of PKU’s Turing Class. My undergraduate research advisor is Xiaoming Sun from Institute of Computing Technology, CAS. I also worked with Pinyan Lu and Chihao Zhang for my last few months of my undergraduate study.

My research interest lies in several topics in theoretical computer science. To be more precise, I enjoy problems with inspiring combinatorial structures. That includes (randomised) algorithms and complexity of approximate counting, and extremal graph theory.



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Inapproximability of counting independent sets in linear hypergraphs
with Guoliang Qiu
preprint (intended for publication?)
[arxiv] | [PDF]

Towards derandomising Markov chain Monte Carlo
with Weiming Feng, Heng Guo, Chunyang Wang and Yitong Yin
[arxiv] | [PDF]

A simple polynomial-time approximation algorithm for the total variation distance between two product distributions
with Weiming Feng, Heng Guo and Mark Jerrum
SOSA 2023
[doi] | [arXiv] | [PDF] | [slides]

Swendsen-Wang dynamics for the ferromagnetic Ising model with external fields
with Weiming Feng and Heng Guo
[arXiv] | [PDF]

Improved bounds for randomly colouring simple hypergraphs
with Weiming Feng and Heng Guo
[doi] | [arXiv] | [PDF] | [slides]

Inapproximability of counting hypergraph colourings
with Andreas Galanis and Heng Guo
ACM Transactions on Computation Theory, 14(3-4):10, pp. 1-33, 2022
[doi] | [arXiv] | [PDF] | [slides]

On the degree of boolean functions as polynomials over \(\mathbb{Z}_m\)
with Xiaoming Sun, Yuan Sun, Kewen Wu, Zhiyu Xia and Yufan Zheng
ICALP 2020
[doi] | [arXiv] | [PDF] | [slides]


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